Circulating Plug

Circulating plug

Used as a check valve within the tubing string. May also be used to pressuretest tubing while checking for leaks.



The BT “A” Circulating Plug consists of five components:
1. Fishneck
2. Mandrel
3. Collet
4. Cup Retainer
5. “O” Ring


Set in wellbore below tubing perforations as a check valve. May also have a tubing stop attached to the bottom and used to check for leaks in tubing string by starting at the bottom of the tubing string and moving upward using the tubing stop as a setting platform until the leak is found.


The BT “A” Circulating Plug can be used various ways, the first is to be set upon a tubing stop below either a hole, or perforation in the tubing string to act as a check valve.
Another use for the circulating plug is to act as a hole finder, attach a tubing stop to the bottom of the circulating plug via the 0.625 SR box, run into the bottom of the tubing string and set in lower most tubing collar, at which time the hole is filled and pressure tested for leaks. This may be repeated many times by unsetting the tubing stop and moving uphole until the leak is isolated.


Insure of the proper size and composition of Pump / Choke cup is used as wellbore conditions dictate.

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