Triplex & Quintuplex Pump


Well service pumps are used for fracturing, acidizing, cementing, well control, and circulating operations.


The MSI Hybrid™ Well Service Pump is a ‘compact’ well service pump. The pump length allows back-to-back installation while still meeting the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) max highway load width limitation of 102″. Other ‘compact’ style well service pumps also meet the DOT requirement; however, this is the only pump which meets the DOT requirement, can be mounted back-to-back, and has separate fluid end and power end sealing surfaces.

In other ‘compact’ well service pumps the plunger is a common sealing element for the fluid end and power end. Approximately 2 linear inches of plunger surface crosses the seals in the fluid end and the seals in the power end every full rotation of the pump. Over time, chemical attack and erosion from pumpage causes the plunger surface to become relatively abrasive and continued operation in the condition will ultimately wear the sealing edges of the packing. As a result of the worn packing, the roughened plunger surface carries pumpage from the fluid end to the power end. In extreme cases, this ingress of contamination can destroy power end and gear reducer bearings, lubrication pumps, and any other equipment in the lubrication circuit.

The MSI Hybrid™ Well Service Pump utilizes a power end plunger between the fluid end plunger and the crosshead. The power end plunger cycles through the power end only, and the fluid end plunger cycles through the fluid end only, no surface exposed to pumpage ever comes in contact with a power end seal. For all fluid end plunger sizes the power end plunger is always larger in diameter.

The manner in which this is accomplished also improves the rigidity of the plunger stroke, thus reducing packing wear as a result of a decrease in the slight orbiting motion of the fluid end plunger. The MSI Hybrid™ Well Service Pump is rated for pumping fluids up to 15,000 PSI at flow rates up to 22.1 BPM (929 GPM). With different seal materials it can handle many fluid types, including abrasive and corrosive fluids. Seals are also available for low temperature and CO2 applications.

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