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Under tough conditions, in remote locations, and when there’s little room for downtime, jet-lift systems work when nothing else will.


Hydraulic jet pumps are deployed in wells that are difficult to produce due to challenging well geometry, fluid composition, and reservoir conditions. Because of their shorter length, jet pumps can pass through and be set in tighter wellbore deviations compared to other pumps.

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The Jet-Pump Advantage

  • Reliability in horizontal, deviated, deep, and high-temperature wells
  • High-volume production
  • High tolerance for gas and solids in production fluid
  • Solution suited for viscous, corrosive, and heavy crude oils
  • Short, compact body that can navigate challenging wellbore angles
  • Freestyle installation for easy downhole insertion and retrieval
  • Installation options: in sliding sleeves, wireline nipples, and across gas-lift mandrels
  • Compatibility with all bottomhole assemblies (BHAs)
  • Low installation and workover costs
  • No moving parts for minimized wear, maintenance, and risk of failure
  • Long operational life (average of 4 years)

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