Sliding Sleeves

Sliding Sleeves

To achieve communication between the annulus (casing) and the tubing columns, with the ability to segregate the same communication.



Sliding sleeves are made up of 10 components:
1. Upper Sub.
2. Inner Sleeve.
3. Ported Connector.
4. Inner Closing Sleeve.
5. Bottom Sub
6. V-Packing
7. Male Back up Ring
8. Female Back up Ring
9. Split Segments
10. O-Rings

slinding sleeves

Two versions of sliding sleeves are available:
a. Shift up to open version.
b. Shift down to open version.
The most common of the two is shifting up to open.
All sliding sleeves manufactured by E. Brace Tool require a Halliburton style “B”
positioning tool to shift open or closed.
Sliding sleeves are run in the tubing string as part of the tubing completion,
and are available with Baker style, as well as Halliburton style profiles in a wide
array of materials, sizes and thread specifications.

for more details please see the attached file pdf-icon

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