Retrievable Packers


The hydrostatic-set retrievable packers are single-trip packers ideal for large bore, deviated well applications or where conventional packer plug setting techniques are not possible. Based on the highly reliable AHC retrievable packer platform, the HHC packer saves both time and money, and reduces intervention risk.


  • Highly deviated wells or where conventional packer plug setting techniques are not possible (nonperforated wells)
  • Where a large bore retrievable packer design is required


  • Holds pressure above and below
  • Patented barrel slips for effective load distribution
  • Advanced rupture disk technology (available in 500 psi increments with temperature compensation curves)
  • Dual rupture disks for reliability
  • Built-in anti-preset features (hydrostatic module is biased in the closed position)
  • Independent contingency setting mechanism
  • Removed from the wellbore using cut-to-release technology

jet pump copie1



  • Reduces packer setting costs
  • Reduces rig time
  • Uses available hydrostatic pressure to initiate setting process
  • Eliminates wellbore intervention to set packer setting plug
  • Reliable cut-to-release design eliminates lengthy milling operations during retrieval operations


  • Run on tubing string
  • Set using available hydrostatic wellbore pressure and applied surface pressure without plugging devices
  • Removed by cutting mandrel in predetermined cut zone using chemical or mechanical cutting tools

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