Vessels & Accumulators


The Weatherford ® UNIDRAULIC Dual Vessel Power Fluid Cleaning Unit consists of a complete power fluid cleaning system packaged on a single skid for maximum convenience in transporting and installing. All equipment and controls are fully connected, ready for operation.


The dual vessel cleaning system employs a vertical accumulator vessel to supply fluid under pressure to the hydrocyclone where solids are removed. The cleaned power fluid is stored in a horizontal reservoir vessel, also under pressure, to supply suction fluid to the plunger pump. Both vessels are ASME Coded and are internally coated with 18 mills of epoxy phenolic for corrosion protection. Each has an elliptical manway, sight glasses with automatic gage cocks and pre-set relief valves. All primary control valves and piping are flanged and of welded construction.

Drill pipe should first be thoroughly cleaned at the place of installation. The outside diameter (OD) of drill pipe should be nominal; a smaller OD may result in slippage. Pins should be inserted from the top. Hand installation pliers are available. Weatherford’s hydraulic installation tool is also available for installing slick and spiral-fluted drill pipe protectors. A standard removal tool can be applied to all protectors.

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