Brigde Plugs

The WR Bridge Plug combines the advantages of wireline setting with easy and reliable retrieval. It is commonly used for zone or well isolation during Fracturing, Acidizing, Cement Squeezing, Testing or well head repair operations.


This Bridge Plug is run and set on wireline using a Baker E-4 Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly. It may also be run on tubing or coil tubing using an HST Hydraulic Setting Tool. The WR’s double acting slips securely anchor the Bridge Plug against pressure differentials from above or below. The three element pack off design ensures reliable sealing at high pressures and temperatures. The unique equalizing valve design allows any pressure differential to be equalized before the Retrieving Head is latched onto the plug. This feature is especially advantageous when retrieving the WR on endless tubing.



Features and Benefits :

  • High pressure rated plug
  • Exclusive test mandrel allows testing inner o-rings of the equalizing valve
  • Carbide trim option available on slips hard casing and long field life
  • Retrievable on coil tubing or slick line with optional retrieving system
  • Integral internal bypass valve opens first, before slips are released, to allow equalization
  • Elastomer options for demanding and hostile environments.
  • Overshot washes to the gage ring to improve retrieval reliability
  • Optional inner mandrel allows hanging gauges below plug

General Applications :

  • Testing and treating operations
  • Drill stem and production testing
  • Squeeze cementing
  • Storm packer applications

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