Seal Bore Packers

sealbore packers

Under tough conditions, in remote locations, and when there’s little room for downtime, jet-lift systems work when nothing else will.



Versa-Trieve packers can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Gravel pack
  • High-rate water pack
  • Ex-tension PacSM service
  • FracPacSM service
  • Horizontal completion assemblies
  • Production sealbore packer
  • Suspending guns for tubingconveyed perforating
  • Stimulation

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  • Packers can be run, set, and retrieved without any tubing rotation in most cases.
  • The hydraulic setting mechanism is contained in the setting tool, reducing the number of potential leak paths left down hole.
  • The scoop-head design saves time by providing a guide for landing seal units and accessories.
  • The spring-loaded, case-carburized internal locking slips maintain maximum element compression.
  • The multi-durometer element package is designed to seal against high and low pressures and against casing irregularities. (Standard Nitrile or optional AFLAS® element packages are available. Special packer and element designs exist to suit high-pressure applications.)
  • Element mandrel design on the VTA packers provides a positive means of locking the upper components to the slips. (The element mandrel allows for the full setting force to be applied to the elements and slips during setting operations. If milling operations are required, the upper components will not spin.)

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