X Lock

To locate and lock a variety of subsurface controls in the desired corresponding nipple profiles.



The “X” lock mandrels have internal fishing necks, their components are:
1. Fish Neck
2. Expander Sleeve
3. Key Retainer Sleeve
4. Packing Mandrel
5. Key Springs
6. Keys
7. Packing Assembly.
The “X” lock mandrels with the flow control components are designed for the
“X” seating nipples installed in standard weight tubing. These lock mandrels
similar in design are selective, this is made possible by their running tools.
The lock mandrels maybe installed in any one of multiple seating nipples
installed in the tubing string of comparable size.
Once the desired nipple has been located in the tubing string these mandrels
are mechanically locked. This is done by driving the expander sleeve behind the
keys, holding the mandrel in a locked position.
Running tool required is “X”
Pulling tool required is “GS” or “GR”.

X LOck


The “X” lock mandrels are ran selective, or can be ran in the non selective
position when setting in the upper “X” profile in the tubing completion string.
Both the running positions are built into the running tool which has a set of
locating dogs to selectively run and set the lock mandrels in the lower nipples
in the string.
The running tool is changed to a non selective position once the desired
selective nipple has been located. This is done by lowering the running tool
with the lock mandrel through the nipple profile and then pulling back up
through. The “X” running tool procedures are explained in the “X” running
tool operation in the running tools section.


Be sure the key springs are of the right tension and form so as to hold the keys
fully loaded for running in a controlled position and held tight to the packing
mandrel when the lock mandrel is ran selective. This prevents the keys from
hanging up when passing through upper nipples.
Ensure the ratchet rings on the expander sleeve and inner keys are not
excessively worn

for more details please see the attached file pdf-icon

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