Pack Off & Spacers


Designed to pack off the wellbore via an expandable rubber element, used in tandem as a straddle pack-off for isolating and containing deteriorated or damaged tubing or as a standalone pack off when conventional plugging equipment is not available.



The “A” Pack off is made of 6 components:

  1. Mandrel
  2. Element (3 pieces)
  3. Body
  4. Split Collar (1.9”, 2.062”)
  5. Cap
  6. O-Ring (X2)

The BT “A” Pack off assembly can be used for a number of different wireline operations, it can be attached to a second element assembly via a flow tube that threads in the bottom of the upper element assembly and the top of the lower, tubing stops above and below are used to lock the pack off in place.
The “A” pack off assembly may also be used individually for other applications, the most common being a standalone pack off for packing off tubing where a conventional plug is not available, or profile nipples are absent.

pack off


Designed to be set on a tubing stop of some sort, the BT “A” pack off is set at the desired location in the wellbore.(whether used as a straddle pack off or stand alone)
The setting process consists of jarring down on the pack off in an attempt to expand the rubber elements up and over the mandrel and bring it into contact with the tubing wall at which point a seal is made.(a tubing stop of some sort is recommended to hold the pack off in place, as there is no locking mechanism on this pack off)
Retrieval of the pack off consists of balancing pressure above and below the pack off, (generally with a kobes plug) latching fishneck and retrieving from wellbore.

for more details please see the attached file pdf-icon

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