Through Tubing System


Thru Tubing System Platform is designed to provide a platform within the wellbore that can be used to isolate the section below, by the subsequent dumping of sand/proppant and/or cement.


This device provides the necessary support to allow thru tubing cement plugs to be placed with in large diameter casings, the length of the subsequent cement plug shall determine the final differential pressure rating. The reduced diameter design allows for greater expansion ratio’s than what can be achieved when utilizing High Expansion or Inflatable bridge plugs.


cement 2

The Cement Platform is deployed via the Omega Hydrostatic setting tool. Initially the anchor section of the tool is run in hole and set at the required depth. The upper section of the Cement Platform is then deployed on a Running Tool and landed on to the external latching profile of the anchor, downward jarring will shear out the tool and allow the running tool to separate from the upper section of the Cement Platform.

Retrieval of the running tool allows the platforms petals to open and close the annular space. Once set, the Cement Platform can now be used in conjunction with an Omega Cement Dump Bailer, to isolate the wellbore below.

for more details please see the attached file pdf-icon

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