Gauge Cutter

Gauge Cutter

Used for gauging the drift size of the tubing I.D.Used for clearing the build ups formed on the tubing I.D.



Drifting tubing and locating tight spots and drifting seating nipples. Cleaning light scale and paraffin from the inside of the tubing walls, nipple bores and packer bores.Locating nipple depths.



gauge cutter1

gauge cutter2


Attach to the toolstring and lower into the wellbore to desired depth.In most completions, the tubing will have a known restriction such as a seating nipple which will be the known run depth. When tight spots are encountered a few moderate downward jars may work the gauge ring through. If this does not work remove the toolstring from the wellbore and use an alternative method to rid the tight spot from the tubing.


Check O.D. of lower body section regularly, so as to avoid running undersized
gauge rings for the intended application.

for more details please see the attached file pdf-icon

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