Production Packers


The production packers meet the needs of the oil and gas industry with innovation, performance, and value.
Whether it is a standard packer from our extensive product line or a unique specialized design for a hostile environment.


  • High formation, unloading differential, or stimulation pressure areas
  • Pulling tubing without unseating packers
  • High bottomhole temperatures
  • Downhole conditions demanding special running clearance
  • Twin-flow chemical injections systems

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  • Upper internal slip design retains the setting force throughout the packer assembly; lower internal slips prevent upward movement of the upper wedge while running
  • Internal locking-slip ring aids in fast removal, saving rig time if milling becomes necessary
  • Triple-seal multidurometer seal element
  • Element package is effective at high or low temperatures and pressures
  • Metal-to-metal backup shoes with 360° casing wall contact prevent seal element extrusion and offer reliable sealing under ultra-high pressures
  • Contoured c-slip design provides maximum casing contact with uniform slip engagement
  • Case-carburized slips provide controlled hardness depth and maximum hardness across tooth section
  • Core of slip retains original metallic structure for easy milling


  • Maintains a large fluid-bypass area through the packer
  • Saves rig time
  • Helps ensure easy milling because the slip core retains its original metallic structure
  • Provides flexibility with multiple receiving head and bottom sub options
  • Can be adapted for high-pressure/high-temperature applications

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